Vision Graphics: visual communications specialist


NORMAL SERVICE: 5 Working Days
Express service subject to workload. Turnaround times exclude public holidays, weekends and lab closures. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Image manipulation and multi-image composites have always been a major part of our business, well before the emergence of computerised digital imaging and manipulation as we know it today. Whilst having state-of-the-art specialised equipment and the best available software is extremely important, Vision Graphics has always held the belief that it is the operators who are the most crucial link in the digital imaging chain.

Our digital image retouching and layout staff are all highly experienced operators with strong photographic backgrounds and keen attention to detail, which we feel provides the best of both worlds.

We offer three levels of this service, available as follows:


The layout and/or assembly of images and text for displays, posters, promotional works and point-of sale material can be achieved effectively and at a very reasonable price. Basic retouching is included where necessary. Vision Graphics can work to your job brief or provide creative input to help you achieve your desired result.


Over fifteen years of experience has seen us develop an expertise in the digital restoration and reproduction of old or damaged photographs, illustrations and artwork. Treasured images can be returned to near original condition ensuring they can be used and enjoyed for generations to come. Obviously we can work with colour, black and white and toned images. Completed works can then be reprinted onto a variety of media and archived onto CD or DVD at a very reasonable cost, thereby ensuring your precious memories gain a whole new lifespan.

Vision Graphics: visual communications specialist


Our most experienced and talented digital artists can create superb, reproduction quality adjustments or enhancements to your images for use in advertising, display and exhibition environments. Montages or composites can be produced from any number of individual elements with seamless perfection.

A complete portfolio which encompasses creative retouching, composites and page layout/design is available to view. Clients are welcome to contact our Sales Team to arrange a meeting, prepare a quote and view our portfolio.

Vision Graphics: visual communications specialist