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NORMAL SERVICE: 4-5 Days for single output
Express service subject to workload. Turnaround times exclude public holidays, weekends and lab closures. All prices are inclusive of GST.

The term 'Giclée Print' refers to an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas and fine art papers. The amazing EPSON STYLUS PRO large-format printer produces stunning inkjet prints that are ideal for artists who wish to reproduce their artwork as needed, or 'on-demand' with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost. Resulting prints are widely used for exhibitions, display and decorative purposes.

We can accept most application files for printing (Xpress, Illustrator, InDesign etc) but prefer Photoshop TIFF files, which can be in either Adobe RGB (preferred) or Euroscale Coated CMYK colour-space. Please contact our Production Managers for more information if required.

Innova Smooth White Fine Art Paper: A High ultra white smooth matte surface 100% Cotton & Acid Free. A natural looking Fine art paper. 315gsm

Innova Textured Fine Art Paper: Heavy weight matt water colour paper. 100% cotton and acid-free, It has a natural white finish with a course structured surface equivalent to traditional water colour paper. 315gsm

Innova Canvas: APoly/ cotton mix fibre. Acid free canvas featuring a smooth matt finish with a bright white base achieving the best possible whites on canvas. It also has a high degree of water resistance after 24Hrs. 350gsm

Kodak Professional Matte PaperAn acid free, archival paper with a smooth matt finish. 230gsm.


prepared file
film or print
Stretching Kodak Professional
Matte Paper
8 x 12/A4 20.32 x 30.48 $40 $85 $45 $32
10 x 15inch 25.4 x 38.1cm $50 $100 $55 $40
14 x 17/A3 35.56 x 43.18 $60 $125 $65 $48
16 x 20inch 40 x 50cm $85 $140 $75 $68
17 x 23/A2 43.18 x 58.42 $95 $155 $85 $76
20 x 24inch 50 x 60cm $100 $165 $95 $80
20 x 30inch 50 x 76cm $120 $195 $105 $96
23 x 33/A1 58.42 x 83.82 $135 $225 $125 $108
30 x 40inch 76 x 101cm $160 $260 $145 $128
33 x 46/AO 84.1 x 118.9cm $175 $290 $165 $140
36 x 48inch 91 x 121cm $190 $300 $175 $152
40 x 50inch 101 x 127cm $210 $330 $185 $160
44 x 66inch 112 x 168cm $250 $395 $285 $200
44 x 86inch 112 x 218cm $320 $465 $335 $256
20 x 7inch 50 x 13cm $70 $110 $55 $56
30 x 10inch 76 x 25.4cm $95 $155 $85 $76

· Digital Print Output (DPO) scans saved and supplied on CD.
· Linear charge applies for all jobs over two (2) metres in length. Consult staff for larger quantities or sizes.
· Colour matching to an original charged at $40 per 15 mins of system time required.
· Clients who have scans done by Vision Graphics for the above digital print outputs, will also be supplied with the final 'print-ready' scan on a CD together with the completed print. Saved as RGB TIFF only at between 120 and 300 dpi resolution (at the discretion of VG and dependent on the selected print output size).
· Images will be printed to the full size specified/requested. If extra bleed is required for stretching a canvas over a frame, a 10% surcharge will be added to the price. A canvas-stretching and framing service is also available.

All of the Epson papers have been tested by the world-renowned Wilhelm Imaging Research organisation and in-depth reports can be found at Using the Ultrachrome pigment ink set helps us achieve better water and humidity fastness. It also has superior resistance to gas fading and has much less short-term colour drift immediately after printing. Radiant white paper stock if framed under glass will last 150 years before noticeable fading, if unframed this time shortens to 67 years. The textured fine art paper will last for 100 years if framed and 68 years if unframed. Excessive handling, environmental conditions, and wear and tear will all impact usable lifetime. Vision Graphics accepts no responsibility for changes in the image after delivery, as they have no control over display and storage conditions.