Vision Graphics: Colour Management


Is your digital system part of the solution or part of the problem?
With ICC colour profiling Vision Graphics is able to offer you consistent, accurate colour for all your printing needs. Here is a quick review of how it works. We calibrate and profile our scanners, monitors and printers regularly using the latest (and most expensive) spectrophotometers to make sure we get consistent results from your files and between all devices. You are already getting the benefit of this technology every time you get a print from Vision Graphics but how do you know that your files are correct?

You need to make sure your monitor is showing you an accurate preview of your files. We have a dedicated colour management expert who can visit you to calibrate your monitor and help you with software configuration. You can also arrange a time to bring your laptop into our showroom for calibration. Ensure you are part of the solution and benefit from consistent, accurate colour every time just like you saw on your monitor.

Prices start from $105.00* (calibration of one monitor)
*This is an accurate guide in most instances. Travel time may be charged for more remote services.

· Highest level of service available
· No software to purchase
· System assessment in writing
· We train our customers to understand their colour managed workflow
· Three-month telephone support
· All profiles archived for 12 months
· On site calls to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

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